An excellent Prophecy and Correct Pretension of the Holy Quran

Fourteen hundred years ago the particular Holy Quran mentioned in Surah zero 2 verse simply no 154 “And perform not say of those who usually are slain in typically the way of Allah that they are dead. Rather, these are alive, but you do not understand. “

As well as in Surah no 3 passage no 169 “And think not regarding those, who are slain in the way of Thor, as dead, rather, they may be alive along with their lord, well provided. inches

Typically the meaning of these types of verses is of which those Muslims that are slain when it comes to God are not really dead, but they are alive with the lord, and well provided, and we cannot perceive of which how they are alive and how the God provides them typically the spiritual foods in addition to drinks?

There is usually a wonderful prediction and true voluntad of Holy Quran that when I actually researched in this year according to the above verses, I found that there are definitely millions dead physiques like alive persons of those Islamic Martyrs who had been slain in typically the way of God (the way of religion Islam) within their graves underneath the Earth in Islamic cemeteries of world since centuries in addition to years. They are usually in fresh and sleeping condition with out eating the food, drinking the water, without used any equipment for their security and without applied any chemical on their dead body.

I have explained some true events of them together with true proofs that you can research information shortly. This is not a new magic, magical technique or sorcery that any body may reject or refuse what I have got said about the research. pemakaman muslim It is a reality and a magic.

Because there is usually no any lifeless body like still living person in refreshing and sleeping current condition of any Non-Muslim troops from Hindus, Jews and Christians who were murdered during the particular fighting against the particular Muslims in the wars happened involving the Muslims and Non-Muslims.

So I request to Muslim and Non-Muslim scientists, Medical Physicians, expert religious college students, saints and leaders that they research about it and point out the cause for the among the Muslim in addition to Non-Muslim dead body. Our scientists possess a lot of human brain they have made the bombs, and additional modern technologies but they reached towards the moon too. So I hope that these people will find the reason of protected lifeless bodies of Muslims under the Earth too?

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