How to Save 90% Buying at a Seized Car Sale

Where are these auctions held?

Chances are there is a seized car sale happening in your state or online as early as tomorrow. The information on where to find these auctions is not always readily available. Furthermore, even if you do find where and when an auction is, it may be difficult to find out what is being sold that day. Without knowing this information, it is impossible to research the vehicles you may be bidding on. You can then get a CARFAX report before you even bid, or the auctioneer may even provide one to you free of cost. bmw mk

How much can I save and what about warranties?

Oftentimes, there are few other bidders at these auctions and it may be possible to buy seized cars for up to 95% off book value. In addition, some of these vehicles may still have the remainder of the factory warranty or the dealer may offer a limited warranty. The dealer may also charge a small additional fee for an extended warranty.

Can I buy seized cars at online auctions?

There are online auctions held almost daily. Signing up with a reputable auction site will allow you to search for the exact vehicle you are looking for. With the sheer number of auctions held this way, you are likely to find what you are looking for in a very short amount of time. When buying online, it is especially important to do your research. Because you will not be there to physically inspect the vehicle, you should obtain the VIN beforehand and get a vehicle history report through CARFAX or another similar service.

How do I get started buying seized cars?

The first thing to do in finding a seized car sale is to find a reliable auction site. You should find one that will give you a comprehensive list of auctions and a tutorial on how to bid on, and buy, cars at auctions. They should tell you where the auctions are located, what vehicles will be available, and how you can pay for them if you are the successful bidder. Preparation is the key to finding the best deal on bank and

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